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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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mr. trump is making good on a campaign promise. >> they think they will make air conditioners in their beautiful new plant in mexico and sell them accruers the border and make a lot of money and we have all the unemployment. not going to happen. >> reporter: mr. trump will travel to indiana tomorrow to announce a deal with carrier that could keep a thousand jobs from being shipped to mexico. later he kicks off his thank you tour in ohio. still on the president-elect's to do list, selecting a secretary retired general david petraeus, rudy giuliani, and mitt romney are all set to be on the short list. mr. trump says he plans to hold a press conference on december 15. that is when he will outline exactly how he plans to sever ties with his business empire. jim? >> marlie, thank you very much for the update. today, house democrats voted to
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leader. tim ryan was trying to get democrats to focus more on jobs and the economy. he says while he did not win the job, he did advance his job. pelosi's message was simple. she says democrats have to come together to take on president- elect trump and the republicans who will now control congress. at least a dozen tornadoes killed five people in the south. now, crews are sizing up the damage in tennessee and alabama. this is the news across america at 6:30: heavy storms region tonight. in fact, another tornado hit today near atlanta. and another near new orleans. there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the georgia twister. however, emergency crews say neighborhoods in bama and tennessee were not as lucky. >> we are dealing with power lines here at mapleton parkway and we have an active gas leak.
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>> no, this is pretty ming. >> the storm also brought welcome rain which has helped the extreme drought situation in the area. and firefighters in gatlinburg, tennessee relieved to see the moisture. hundreds of buildings destroyed, killed at least seven people. the fire appear to be human caused. gatlinburg's major says there is a way for the public to help out. >> and, if you really, really want to do our feet in a real short time. come and visit us. come vacation here. >> it is a beautiful area. officials say more than 400 emergency workers from several departments around the fire lines helping to clear the debris. and, police in gardner kansas set up a trail camera after reports of a mountain lion. they did not see the cat, but they saw a few furry friends. then this happened. some pranksters dressed up as
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the camera. including yeah, a funny guy in a gorilla suit. police say they do appreciate the sense of humor. a police department in canada is cracking down on drunk driving. but, is their tactic cruel and unusual punishment? we will explain coming up next. >> and skies are clearing around most of the state. right on the tail of our next system with a little snow for the mountain. snow showers down here. the one we are watching is forming out in the pacific. this could bring us snow you might have to shovel by about this time nwe
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,, i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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>> finding neverland is about sylvia, lel l davies and what she brings to the heart of jm barrie's audience. greg moody has the story. >> reporter: for actress christine dwyer, finding neverland is the perfect holiday show. >> what people take away from it, you want to go home and hug your loved ones. you want to be around your
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you care about and care for each other. you really come away from this show feeling a sense of love and community and kind of wanting to express that. >> reporter: the challenge comes in finding the path to the heart of the audience. >> we made a couple of changes. from the broadway production to the touring production. to, sort of end it in a little bit more of an uplifting way. there are some sad moments in the show, of course, but, we don't dwell on them too much. we look to the positive which is beautiful. and it is something that the character of sylvia does her whole life. so i think to end our show in an uplifting positive way kind of pays respects to the way she lived her life. >> reporter: late in the second half, she becomes the centerpiece of one of the most interesting bits of stage magic i have ever seen. sylvia's vortex is fans and
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draft patterns in every theater the show plays in. it is a marvelous, magical, and touching moment. if you saw this on broadway, you have not seen the show. finding neverland coming to the buell. i'm critic at large greg moody for cbs4 news. >> draft patterns. finding neverland will be on stage at the buell theater starting december 20. for tickets and info head to a holiday classic is now playing at the a christmas carol. it is the ultimate story of christmas redemption. now, this version of the musical is almost straight from the original story by charles dickens. but this year, the audience gets a new actor playing scrooge and a new imagining of his journey. >> i hope that they walk away with a greater sense of community with a greater sense of their own heart and
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connection between ourselves and the other humans around us. >> that would be great. a christmas carol runs through december 24. you can get ticket information as well as hotel and holiday deals downtown. by, checking out the mile high holiday section. at stick around, you will be able to check out ed greene's forecast. >> if you have a news tip or a story idea, we want to hear from you. call our tip line at tips. tips. that is (303)863,, when you freeze something, it's for later. but how much later? there's no way to be sure! but wendy's is sure that if you want a juicy, delicious hamburger, right now
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>> tonight, we know more about people in columbia, this is the news from around the world at 6:42. the pilot telling air traffic chlorals he ran out of fuel moments before crashing into the andes and asked to land. the recorders are said to be in good condition. they have been found. the plane was carrying a professional soccer team from brazil. two crew members, one journalist, and at least three
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survivors. the ashes of former cuban dictator fidel castro started a journey across the island today. reiteration the path he took during his revolution. many of those gathered along the streets said while castro is dead, his legacy will live on forever. the journey will end with castro's funeral in santiago cuba. and police found a new way to punish suspected drunk drivers. kensington police nickelback while they haul them to jail. they are using a new approach. the cop shop has not had to hit play for everyone yet. they hope to not open a "perfectly good unopened copy of nickelback." >> apparently it is working. peep are scared. i don't know if the band has weighed in on this. but, what is coming up in for cold? it will be cold, stay
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bit. let's get outside. take a look nowment you can see no weather problems here. there is our city cam. everything is moving along just fine. it could be a different story. show you that in a moment. doppler 4,000 shows the system still hanging around the great lakes region. snow showers got pretty close. but we stayed clear. a lot of sunshine. cold air still in place. and you see the storm system moverring in. it is a weak one. could bring snow to the mountains again. to our hour by hour forecast. the skies clear and then the clouds come right back in. and, it is thursday going on, adds a little moisture. a couple of scattered snow showers here and there. look at this. friday, late in the afternoon. durango all the way to sterling, we have snow and we could see some right in denver right at rush hour. right at 5:00. on your way home. but, just doesn't last long. it will just be a little annoyance. sunday, 3:00 in the afternoon. we have sunshine.
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the east. the heavy showers and the storms we told you about those last night with all of the tornadoes. did see a few more funnel clouds along this line. but it is a much weaker line. a couple of severe thunderstorms. now, everything seems to be dying down. cooler air is moving into the southeast now. ahead, along with the storm system. you see high pressure in our area. then in the pacific, the mid pacific is where the next system is. we are watching this one seeing how it develops. we think it comes here an brings much colder air and we think it bs 40 and 42 the highs today. after starts of 10 at the airport. 21 downtown. 46 and 19 would be normal. 10 degrees at 1877. then they went to the record high a few years later. silverthorn, 25 the best they could do. alamosa, 32. south denver, 40. 43 in berthoud. 33 and 23. so, the airport dropping like a rock once again. southeast, 9 for the winds.
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barometer. william danley, copper mountain. pretty good snow up there. steam boat springs as weapon. this is is a very pretty shot from larry pierce. teens in the eastern plains tonight. single digits and below zero in the mountains. out west, single digits and teens and maybe a few low 20s . tomorrow, another chilly day around here. 30s and 40s for the eastern plains. 20s for the higher elevations. out west, temperatures in the 20s and the 30s . now, let's take a look at the denver forecast. for tonight. mostly clear skies dropping into the teens overnight. then, for tomorrow, we will take a look at increasing clouds. 39, 38 the best we will do. and for the next several days, 32 on friday. maybe, a snow shower. then, not bad for the weekend with sunny skies. low 40s saturday. upper 40s sunday. 43 monday. then, winter coming in with the next system. >> thanks ed. music often sparks emotion. that is why we connect to a
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for our wednesday's child lashay, the right song gives her hope. we met her at swallow hill where she got her first singing lesson. her favorite songs come from the movie frozen because she says they are about perseverance and overcoming tough times. she really connects to the songs. >> i really want to get adopted. i'm waiting for a long time. but i can handle it. i can wait a little bit longer. >> you can find lashay and all the great kids looking for adoptive families by looking at the adoption exchange. you can go to cost of diapers so high, a lot of families struggle to afford them. well, we will tell you about a new white house program aimed at helping those families.
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,, ,, >> sures of ewe till tyes and phone companies went down. pretty good fall for the nasdaq seasoned the s&p lost too. the obama administration estimates low income families spend 14% of their incomes on diapers. that is why the white house is stepping in to provide millions
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community diaper program last spring. cleared charity. one of the groups offering the help. it offers diapers for half the wholesale price. that is because retailer sells them the diapers at no profit with free shipping. it is really making a difference for moms like clara gayton. >> i make pretty good money and it still disappears. >> the program is expected to provide 10 million diapers this complaint about your car the government wants to hear about it. there is a new rule requiring auto makers put labels on the sun visiers with instructions on how to file safety complaints. the agency uses the complaints to failure out safety issues. and possibly send out a recall. right now, netflix has a new option for subscribers. they can download movies and watch them offline later.
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fi or a cell signal. the feature is free with all netflix memberships. it's competitor amazon prime started offering offline downloads more than a year ago. now, a fast food deal for $2. you can get free junior frosties at wendy's for a year. they are selling those $2 key tags. customers who have them will get the junior frosties free with every purchase. wendy's will p to the dave thomas foundation helping kids in foster care. the tags are already sold out on the wendy's website. but, should still be available at most locations.
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>> a woman and her two small children all found dead in lone tree. that start to night's reporter brief. >> reporter: i'm tom mustin in highlands ranch where investigators are looking at the death of a mother and her two young children. jennifer labor and her three and five-year-old sons were found dead in the mini van a few miles from their home. they had been shot to death. labor's husband reported them missing tuesday night. the douglas county sheriff's office is not calling the case a murder suicide, but they say there is no threat public. neighbors hinted that jennifer labor had been balleting depression. they said ryan labor, the husband and father, is not a suspect. i'm rick sallinger in aurora where an african- american family has had two racial incidents against them in the past two weeks. words and letters were spray painted on their door last week. and again, yesterday. today, aurora's major, police chief, and others, came forward to say this type of activity
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the woman who was apparently targeted asked that we not show her face. but has called whoever was responsible a coward. and, i'm matt kroschel checking in for breckenridge where the free parking people are enjoying tonight will be no longer starting tomorrow morning. paid parking in all the downtown area of breckenridge. they are putting this in to hope they will be able to alleviate some of the parking problems they have seen. too many folks small lots here near downtown. they say in the future, a new parking structure might also be helpful and they are ramping up their bus services here, just in time for the busy ski season. >> of course, the resort towns got some snow this week. they would love more. >> they could see more thursday and friday. that is a weaker system. and a bigger system is sitting out over the park. you can see clear skies around here. if you take a look to the west, there is one system sits on the coast.
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that could bring us colder weather and maybe our first chance for snow here as well. before that happens, 30s thursday and friday. maybe an isolated snow shower friday. good weekend, we get into the low 40s and upper 40s. >> you have to look all the way into the ocean to predict the weather. here in landlocked ,,
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,, ,, >> jeff: previously on "survivor": at the last tribal council, there was a rock draw. reveal. >> jessica was sent to the jury. and willed her legacy advantage to ken. nine are left.
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>> tonight was just very emotional. to have people pick a rock rather than vote me out of this game and then to have jessica pick the black rock, it's an awful i feel guilty and i feel thankful, and i-- i just feel awful. i just watched someone-- everything get ripped because of a rock. >> don't put this all on yourself. >> we all took the gamble. >> we all made a choice. i'm really angry at myself. i burned my idol at tribal for no reason. and now, i find myself in a minority with hannah, ken, and adam. so i need to find some crack somewhere.
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going to pick us off one by one. , starting with me. >> bro, i told you, i told you. >> the tribal council was amazing! i loved it. i loved it. man, i felt like a warrior. >> that pissed me off, too. >> this vote was all about david and i going to war together. and i definitely won upon battle. >> i'm trying very hard not to be too excited, but i feel like i'm going to the final five. >> oh, yeah. i think i can win this game. and i'm just as happy i could win this game as i am that david


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